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When it comes to heavy machinery, we are all aware that they work for longer periods and tend to overheat thus breaking down easily. For this reason, it is important that these machines are fixed with cooling equipment, to enhance their performance.  Evaporative cooling so far has been found to be the most convenient way of cooling such machines, because it is environmentally friendly. Evaporative cooling machines work by utilizing the principle of vaporization. Heavy machines can be effectively cooled by this system as it uses less energy compared to other coolant systems. General information about evaporative cooling of heavy machines will help us expand our knowledge of what it is, and how important it is.

How does evaporative cooling workevaporative

Well, evaporative cooling is not a very complex thing. This is because the cooling equipment only uses evaporation to cool the air around the systems of heavy machinery. The process of cooling always starts with the circulation of water from the reservoir to a cooling pad making it wet. Air is then drawn from outside the unit by a fan and passed through the wet pad. The air is cooled by evaporation as it passes through. This process can only be very effective if the system fan and motor are well designed to enhance appropriate airflow.

Benefits of Evaporative cooling on heavy machinery

• Evaporative cooling has been found out to be less expensive to install and operate on heavy machinery, compared central refrigerated conditioning and other forms of cooling. You will not need so much power as the fan and water pump only utilize very low current.

• It is also easy to install and maintain. One does not need professional skills to install an evaporative cooling equipment. Maintenance of an evaporative cooler is not so costly, as it only contains two parts that need regular check-up and repair. These parts include the fan motor and the water pump.

• The evaporative cooler machines are also environmentally friendly as they do not utilize compressors or CFC refrigerant gasses.

Where is evaporative cooling of heavy machine applicable

manufacturingThis cooling system of heavy machines is mostly used by manufacturing, processing or assembly industries. This is because these industries use very heavy machines in their daily operations. Evaporative cooling is thus the best way to cool their machines as it is environmentally friendly and less costly. For more information visit Agilis Technologies product line. If you have a company that deals with heavy machinery in its daily operations, it is advised that you utilize the evaporative cooling system to improve performance.