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The internet is a treasure chest of information and entertainment; You can find almost anything on the web including the latest and greatest songs. If you are looking for the best place to stream and download your favorite tunes, you will have to take a little time to do your research.

Finding a music streaming serviceheadphone

The first thing you must do when looking for an alternate music service to skull mp3 is to read reviews. When the service was available, it was one of the best in every possible sense. It had the latest tracks for streaming and even download and had a safe and easy to use interface. But since it was banned after legal action by some major music labels, music lovers have to look elsewhere to find the music they want.

Features to look for

When you find a streaming site, the first thing is to make sure it is safe and not a front for malicious software that can steal your personal data and infect your device. Look for ones that people have used and had good reviews.

You must also make sure that they give you the possibility to download the tracks onto your device in mp3 format so that you can listen to them anytime. Not every site will have the latest tracks so make sure the one you use will be able to provide you the music you want including recent releases.


When a website or application is complicated, it may become tedious. An excellent music streaming site will have a user-friendly layout that will allow some customization and changes so that you can make it look unique. You should also be able to save your favorite playlists and search for songs according to artists, album or song title.

Converting video to mp3

It will also be best if you have the facility to convert online videos into mp3 format and download them to your device. This is a cool feature to have especially if you like a video you saw and want to have it on your phone.

There are many services that offer online music streaming and downloads, but it is hard to beat the quality of mp3 skull. Unfortunately, since it’s not available at present, you will have to look for an alternative until it is up and running again. If you look for the features mentioned above, you are bound to find some alternatives.