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Every professional must get themselves accustomed to cloud storage service. Not only will this technology help you to make your workflow faster and more efficient, but it will also improve the effectiveness of your gadgets. Subscribing to a cloud service enables you to access your data from any places, any time, and any devices.

But there are many cloud services available these days. And here are three factors you must consider before picking the right one for you.

1. Flexible Data Sharing

two men with two phonesIf you store your work’s data, the chances are that you will need to share them with your colleagues at some points. Therefore, you want a fast data sharing feature that is flexible to anyone you share with. For instance, some cloud services may require the receiving end to sign up first to get access to the shared data, which is an unnecessary procedure that only complicates things further. It is not uncommon to give an access link via Whatsapp and imagine how inconvenient if the receiver gets redirected to the cloud service’s website to sign up instead of direct access to the data.

Regarding this subject, I’d recommend the Data Deposit Box. To me this was the Best cloud backup software in 2018 that has an excellent accessibility feature from both website and mobile app. If you are a startup founder who wants to find a trusted and reliable cloud backup service, then you’ll have to check it immediately.

2. Data Protection

data securityAlthough we put data security as the second factor here, it does not mean that you should undermine it. In fact, the safety of your data is central to the cloud service itself because there is no point in entrusting your documents in a cloud platform that offers minimum protection. The provider must promise privacy and encrypted feature that prevents a third party from accessing your data.

A notification feature is also a part of data protection. You should choose a cloud platform that gives a notification every time there is a new login from an unregistered device. This feature may seem like a simple one, and yet it is handy enough in preventing unauthorized access.

3. Data Recovery

A cloud storage provider must have a versatile data recovery system, which means that you can get your data back even after you erased it months ago. However, this recovery availability may vary depending on your subscription status. Free users may not enjoy this feature, but a paid membership usually includes it.

If you use a cloud storage service for personal use, you may not feel the significance of recovering data you’ve intentionally erased. However, if you run a company, this feature becomes a necessity.