mobile charging

According to the latest research professionals, the best way for maximizing phone’s battery life is that it is maintained at about 50 per cent charge, instead of continually updated to the top or empty completely. The best temperature for battery operation is about 15 degrees, and if the average temperature is 25 degrees, the battery will annually lose up to 20 percent of its power.

Here are five ways to extend your phones battery life:

 Wireless charging is a real hit, but

Inductive wireless chargers have the drawback that they create a lot of excess heat. This will quickly damage the battery, according to a survey published by the British Daily Mail. An accident is even greater because phones today usually come with a built-in battery, which can not be changed independently, but only in the service. Examples of this are the Iphone, Sony Xperia Z, Nokia Lumia 920, the Xperia SP and the Iphone 7 Battery has a longer life span like many other modern smartphones.

 Do not form your battery

batteryToday it is mainly used Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) and Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) batteries, which have no memory effect and no need to create them. Domestic retailers, unfortunately, continues to advise its customers to establish phone battery, which is the most common misconception.
Experts insist that modern phones are not necessary to charge for hours after the purchase, as the new type of battery is made from advanced, sophisticated materials.

 Move to 2.5G

Today, almost all phones, be they regular or smartphones, come with 3G support, but in our country, 3G signal is not yet stable and in all parts of the cities or country. Signal 3G enables faster data transfer, but also consumes more power.

Also, in 3G mode phone consumes much more energy to “hold” signal, which allows more frequent communication with the base stations, so if your 3G network is not necessary, cancel it. If you access the Internet only occasionally and do not use e-mail and other services, which must be updated almost every moment, 2.5G will be an excellent choice.

 Free applications are enemies batteries

Scientists, with the help of the particular program, were able to measure the energy consumption of the most popular applications. Among the biggest consumers were, as expected – the game and the most popular free applications.
When you use applications, disconnect transferring the data to your phone. Then the application will remain in the background, searching for what you were pursuing when using the phone, but will not have a connection to the net.

Turn off services you do not use

BluetoothAs you should turn off Bluetooth when not in use, so you should consider is it becomes necessary to get all the information from Facebook or Twitter whenever they occur.
The screen saver also consumes a lot of energy, animated backgrounds too. Turn off the maximum brightness of the display