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Some big companies or government agencies may opt to hire the services of industrial designers to help them research and conceptualize product designs by improving product functionality and aesthetics that will suit the unique working environment within the company or agency. By doing so, these companies and agencies can participate in the whole design process until the product is ready for prototyping.

Customizing product designs for medical facilities, automobile, and business companies, and certain government agencies like the U.S army need more than just lay-outing customer specifications, but it requires constant communication among all players until the final product is manufactured. Indeed, open communication lines will ensure that specifications have been followed to give customer satisfaction through quality product designs which should have the following characteristics.

happy man, robotUser-Friendly

It should give maximum convenience to the user. By listening to customer feedback during the planning and conceptualization stages, unspecified features which provide discomfort to the user are eliminated during prototyping. If it is needed, the product may be subjected to minor changes until it gives maximum satisfaction to the customer.


A customized product should function just as well as the original product. With industrial designers, it is expected that it operates beyond expectations making impacts by contributing to increased productivity, improved services and sustained institutional programs for the company. The challenge that is always posed to Industrial Designers is how products can function well even in the worst conditions.

moldings, designIdentifying Features

Product designs should embody identifications of the company or agency which were specified during the planning stage. Customers will always prefer well-presented products with aesthetic appeal that complements its functionality. The appearance may not be very significant, but it can genuinely add to customer satisfaction.


Products are customized to fit into the particular functions they are intended for and should do so for the longest time possible. The durability of products are derived from raw materials and chemicals that are used to make products to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and wear and tear due to repeated usage.Durable products are also ways for the company to cut on its growing overhead expenses.

There are many factors that affect product design which may compromise the quality of finished products. These factors should be discussed intensively during the planning or conceptualization stages. This makes open communication between all parties involved as the most basic requirement for a successful product design.