A firewall is a shield or a barrier that is used to protect your phone, tablet, or business PC from the data-based malware dangers that do exist on the internet today. In most cases, when you are running an online business, you will notice that data is exchanged between your computers and routers and a firewall monitors this data to check whether they are safe.

When running your online business, one of the worst things that can happen to your computer is if someone somewhere attempts to take control of your business remotely. That is why most online entrepreneurs are recommended to buy a firewall because you will have the remote access disabled, therefore, preventing hackers from entering your network.

Having a personal firewall can help you to have private access to your business information. Since an internet connection is the entry point for most hackers, a firewall can help you to prevent most of the attacks from your network. Therefore, below are some of the benefits of using a firewall.

Monitors Traffic

When you have a business website, make sure that you have this tool because it monitors all the traffic entering your network. You need to understand that information is sent over networks in packets. Therefore, the firewall investigates to determine whether the information contained is hazardous to the system.

internet securityIn any business, there might be a lot of activities conducted. Even you as the sender you might transmit hazardous information without knowing. That is why it is advisable to have a firewall because it will notify you as well.

Stops Keyloggers

Having firewall security will help in reducing the risk of keyloggers which are trying to monitor your activities. A keylogger is a software that most cybercriminals try to put into your computer so that they can target your keystrokes. Therefore, with a firewall, you can easily prevent them.

Enforcing Policies

It is critical to know that many networks have policies depending on which users can access the data. Due to this reason, you will find out that the firewall allows most users to enforce policies by creating their specific rules.

Stop Hackers

It is essential to understand that having a firewall keeps most hackers out of your network. Therefore, without this form of security, a hacker can get hold of your computer and control it.

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Some big companies or government agencies may opt to hire the services of industrial designers to help them research and conceptualize product designs by improving product functionality and aesthetics that will suit the unique working environment within the company or agency. By doing so, these companies and agencies can participate in the whole design process until the product is ready for prototyping.

Customizing product designs for medical facilities, automobile, and business companies, and certain government agencies like the U.S army need more than just lay-outing customer specifications, but it requires constant communication among all players until the final product is manufactured. Indeed, open communication lines will ensure that specifications have been followed to give customer satisfaction through quality product designs which should have the following characteristics.

happy man, robotUser-Friendly

It should give maximum convenience to the user. By listening to customer feedback during the planning and conceptualization stages, unspecified features which provide discomfort to the user are eliminated during prototyping. If it is needed, the product may be subjected to minor changes until it gives maximum satisfaction to the customer.


A customized product should function just as well as the original product. With industrial designers, it is expected that it operates beyond expectations making impacts by contributing to increased productivity, improved services and sustained institutional programs for the company. The challenge that is always posed to Industrial Designers is how products can function well even in the worst conditions.

moldings, designIdentifying Features

Product designs should embody identifications of the company or agency which were specified during the planning stage. Customers will always prefer well-presented products with aesthetic appeal that complements its functionality. The appearance may not be very significant, but it can genuinely add to customer satisfaction.


Products are customized to fit into the particular functions they are intended for and should do so for the longest time possible. The durability of products are derived from raw materials and chemicals that are used to make products to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and wear and tear due to repeated usage.Durable products are also ways for the company to cut on its growing overhead expenses.

There are many factors that affect product design which may compromise the quality of finished products. These factors should be discussed intensively during the planning or conceptualization stages. This makes open communication between all parties involved as the most basic requirement for a successful product design.




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Getting to pick the right computer when you want to buy one is not a simple task as you may think. Considering the different costs of the computer in the market then you will not want to buy something that will not serve you for long. The computers in the market are not same hence you will not be in a position to know all of them. There are also several stores that buy and sell all types of computers and also do repairs. When purchasing a computer, you should consider some factors that will help you know the components of a good computer and be in a position to select the best among the many. Listed here are some of the factors to consider when buying a computer.

Evaluate your needs

In this factor, assessing your needs, you will get to understand why you need the computer, the purpose of thecomputer purchase. It is the functionality of the computer that will give you direction on the type of computer you will need. This will, on the other hand, help you to save money since you will know what you need. You should determine if the computer will be used for only browsing or performing a lot of office tasks.


Choose between a laptop and a desktop

Desktops are very much stronger than the laptops, but on the other hand, they are a bit expensive. They also occupy a large space in the office or study room, unlike laptops. However, laptops are very portable which makes them recommendable for office workers or students. The laptops are less stellar in regards to gaming. For this case, if your work involves traveling and you wish to carry your work with you then you will need to buy a laptop. However, if you have a particular place to work from then you will need to choose a desktop.

Check the basic computer components

computer setBefore you start shopping for a computer, you should first know the basic components of all computers to enable you to make comparisons. One crucial component is the hard disk which is the main storage area in the computer. If you get a computer with more storage which is measured in gigabytes the better the computer. It is in this hard disk that your videos, movies, programs, and documents will be stored.

Cost of the computer

When buying a computer, it is advisable you check your budget and see which computer will be within your budget and does not go above it.